Emad Adib
Emad Adeeb is chairman and CEO of Good News Holding Group. He has a distinguished and wide ranging career in media. He currently serves as a consultant to Orbit network and as consultant on the Middle East to ABC News Network. He is a prominent TV personality and hosts “Ala el Hawa” program, one of the most popular talk shows in the Arab world, for which he has conducted over 2000 hours of on-air interviews with prominent international and Arab leaders. He also had several managing and editorial positions in leading Arabic newspapers and magazines; including being managing editor of “Al Sharq Al Awsat” and opening its Washington bureau, and being editor in chief of “Sayedati” magazine. Emad Adeeb began his career as a journalist at “Al Ahram” newspaper, Egypt’s largest newspaper.
Lamees El Hadidy
One of the famous, daring & brave talk show hosts in Egypt… she’s a successful political and economic journalist who worked for years as a reporter covering major events for international news stations before she became known for her daring shows, such as; “Mane’ w Mamnou’”, “Feesh w Tashbeeh”, “Al Ekhteyar Al Saab”, “Etkallem” and “Men Alb Masr”.
Khairy Ramadan
A prestigious journalist and writer who’s the deputy editor of Al Ahram newspaper and the editor of the popular social column “Bareed Al Gom’aa” as well as 3 weekly articles in Al Masry Al Youm newspaper. He’s known for the depth and balance of his political and religious opinions. He was one of the stars of “Al Beit Beitak” and “Masr Enaharda” shows. Before that he was famous for hosting the Arab press analysis segment on “Al Kahera Al Youm” show.
Magdy El Gallad
He is the editor in chief of “Al Watan” newspaper which launched in April 2012. He was also the famous journalist and editor in chief of “Al Masry Al Youm” newspaper; the most popular independent newspaper in Egypt. His famous quote “the reader has a right to know” is the phrase that suggested the name of his show on our screen. Magdy Al Gallad began his career as an investigative journalist in “Al Ahram” newspaper before he became one of the most famous makers of independent press.
Dina Abdel Rahman
An exceptional presenter, who grabbed audience’s attention since her first appearance. She started out as an artist and she held numerous successful art exhibitions, then she worked as a journalist, wrote about social and political programs and interviewed important characters. Later she turned to TV and she was an instant success. She hosted the morning show “Sabah Dream” and “Al Youm”. Dina Abdel Rahman first joined cbc as a co-host on the program “Masr Tantakheb Al Ra’ees”.
Mofeeda Sheeha
She rose to fame through hosting a number of special shows; most famous of them was “Sokout Hanghanni” and “De’i’a Mofeeda”. Mofeeda Sheeha can effortlessly reflect and reach the Egyptian woman.
Mona Abdel Ghany
A famous star who’s loved by a wide spectrum of the Egyptian society. After wearing the veil, she still works in social and religious shows to reflect the religious moderation. She has great credibility among the audience, which makes her very popular and trustworthy.
Amira Bahey El Dine
A Lawyer, writer, Journalist and blogger, who has several writings in literature and politics; In addition to her love of photography, she is also a human rights activist. She has a wide-ranging culture and her opinions are sometimes sarcastic and other times shocking.
Ali El Bahnasawy
An Egyptian writer and media figure, Al-Bahnasawy worked as an investigative journalist and a writer in the field of economics.
He received training on investigative journalism from the International Centre for journalists before heading to the United States of America for a media fellowship from the United Nations. There, Al-Bahnasawy participated in the coverage of the meetings of the Security Council and the General Assembly of the United Nations, as well as covering the Wall Street Stock Exchange sessions for the Egyptian media.
Upon his return to Egypt, he worked as a media consultant and a spokesperson for Dr. Abdelmoneim Abul Fotuh’s campaign during the presidential elections. And he wrote a book about running campaigns and political marketing.